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Three Tips to Setting Your Marketing Strategy Right

Updated: Feb 6, 2022

Strategy is a big word to most of us, right? What is a simple way to get us started on the right path for you in your Marketing Strategy as a business owner or decision maker?

If you were to build a home, you wouldn't just say "I want 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms." The strategy in marketing is the plan that the architect and designer puts together that tells us how big the bedrooms are, where the bathroom go, and everything between.


If you use the "shotgun approach" where you cast a wide net and try to be the answer for everybody, you will likely not be the answer for anybody. If you don’t understand enough about who you’re trying to reach, you will struggle winning their business. A tip to start this process for your business is to come up with personas for your audience. Usually you can find 3 or 4 that are right in your sweet spot of perfect customers for your business.

The Marketplace


If you owned a plumbing company and your messaging is "We provide all the plumbing in your hour house," this message doesn't separate you from the other plumbers or mention what you're good at.

A more fine tuned message would be "have you gotten your home ready for the winter cold snap coming? Let us help you today."


Man reaching the peak

Goals are always important, right? Let's not forget to keep making goals for our businesses. Otherwise the weeds will overgrow the forest. In other words, we will lose our way if we don't continue to look ahead. Keep this simple to quantify, and simple to measure. Remember the goal isn't the how, its the what. Later on in your marketing journey you will determine exactly how you can work to achieve that goal.


Adrian owns a donut shop with a website. He wants to increase his online revenue by 50% in 4 months. This goal is measurable and he can now determine best ways to meet this goal.


Your brand more than a logo and colors. It is your customer service, your store, your smile, and everything in between. Its what sets you apart from your competitors. You can think of it as your company’s personality. Make sure and ask your customers what they define your brand as. This way you know if you need to make any adjustments. You could assume what your brand stands for, but the best way to check is by understanding how your ideal customers talk about your brand. Talk to your customers!

What should we do after we figure out what are brand positioning is? Next it's time to make adjustments if necessary to your positioning in the marketplace.

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