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Do You Have a Web or Marketing Strategy?

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

If you as a business lead or CEO want to create a website, you may be thinking it’s as easy as creating a Word document. While the tools available in 2022 in the market make it simple to create the website, your marketing strategy should be determined first.

This strategy allows your site to:

Target your content for your intended audience

Create value for that intended audience

Create company value which will enhance your position in the marketplace

Today we will focus on the first step in this equation: the concept of targeting.

Who are your customers that you must optimize your offering for?

Imagine for a minute with me. What if you are a plumber in local market where there are 2 different customers with 2 different needs?

The first is a new home being built, and the plumbing skills and materials needed for this type of project is hundreds of feet of pipe, work on foundation plumbing before the concrete slab is poured, and several trips to do testing and validation. The crew and time needed for the project could be 3-4 people and 6 weeks total or more.

The second is a leaking shower. What would be necessary for this type of work? Maybe several hours with one person and a truck.

With this simple illustration you can see that defining your target will be important before you create a website. Once you do this important first step, you will be on your way to a successful launch of your website!

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