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Design a Stunning Web Presence

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

When it comes to design, Novel Llama can help you create designs that will have impact.

Design is important

If you were going to build a house, the design matters. Where are the bedrooms, bathrooms, and doors placed? What colors are the walls and floors? Every element of the home is designed for a purpose and its the same in your website.

Photos, text, illustrations, animations, or a combination of all of these, design will be noticed by your clientele. We will go through some of the main components of design in your website.

What are the pillars of Design?


How easy is your site to navigate? How easy is it to find information, place an order, contact you? The way your site answers these questions is how your site is related to navigation.


Your site's colors, photos, logo, and page layout are all parts of presentation. Does the site show that you are professional or does it make you appear like you are a software company? All of these things matter when keeping in mind your presentation.


What does your site contain? Information and how its displayed on your page is its content. If you are highlighting your manufacturing process or your product? Videos and photos are often helpful as users today expect to see more about your process and your product.


Does the site's layout make sense? Does this button do what I expected it to do? Your site should not be confusing to the users and should be simple to get to where the user wants to go.

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