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First we aim to gain a solid understanding of the business goals, target audience, and competitive landscape. This solidifies a site map and a home page  design. The sitemap will list every page on the upcoming website, and how it is organized, and a typical wireframe will illustrate precisely what should be on our home page in a non-designed way.


Next we work to utilize our tools whether it is Wix or Hubspot CMS to build your site to your design tastes. We utilize the latest in design trends and always work to keep your site with the best UX possible for your target audience.

We also add store, customer portal, blog, photo galleries, forms, database backends, and whatever other features your site will need to meet the requirements of your customers.




Next prepare for the launch. We install tracking tools – such as Google Analytics and Wix or Hubspot. This will help us analyse website performance.  We also provide client training – we provide a Wix walk through so that clients can quickly and easily add new content, blogs, images and video and create landing pages to keep the website fresh.



Finally we analyze your site's performance using tracking tools. Depending on the package you purchase from us, we will review analytics data with you– we’ll assess traffic data and much more to asses the quality of traffic you are getting. 

We will also look at improvement plans, because your website is always a work in progress and should continually improve to meet changing demands and market needs. 

We drive growth for your business by ensuring you have a good plan and working towards your goals from that plan. We fit within your budget.

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